About Us

The Kachelmacher Memorial Vein Clinic was created at the request of philanthropist, Nils Christian Kachelmacher. Prior to his death in 1917, he outlined provisions for a trust to fund “Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Varicose Veins in Logan, Ohio.” Read more about our generous benefactor below.

A clinic was established in 1970 under the direction of John J. Cranley, MD, a world-renowned surgeon from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the medical director of the clinic until his retirement in 1992. Dr. Joann Lohr and Dr. Robert Cranley practiced together at the clinic from 1992 to 1997. The current medical director, Dr. Kenneth S. Lutter, is the last vascular fellow trained by Dr. John Cranley, through the Good Samaritan Vascular Fellowship in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a private vascular surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Lutter staffs the clinic three days per week.

Our mission at Kachelmacher has been to provide compassionate and quality medical care to all our patients.  We offer diagnostic and limited non-operative treatment for peripheral vascular disorders, including spider vein injections. Consultations for leg pain, edema, ulceration, and other symptoms of lower extremity venous disease are also offered in our clinic. Physician referrals are welcomed but not necessary.

Dr. John J. Cranley

Original Medical Director
Kachelmacher Memorial
Vein Clinic from 1970-1992



Dr. Kenneth Lutter, M.D.

Dr. Lutter staffs the Logan, Ohio clinic three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), in addition to his private vascular surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio. 

Doctor Kenneth Lutter, MD


Northwestern Ohio Universities, May 1984
College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine


Internship and Residency:

Mount Carmel Medical Center, 1984-1989
General Surgery



Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio 1989-1991
Vascular Surgery

Kachelmacher Memorial Clinic, Logan Ohio 1989-1990
Staffed clinic under the supervision of Medical Director Dr. John Cranley



Ohio Heart and Thoracic Surgery, Columbus, Ohio 1990-1997
Private Practice

Ohio Vascular Surgery, Inc, Columbus, Ohio 1997- Present
Private Practice

Kachelmacher Memorial Clinic, Logan, Ohio 1997-Present
Medical Director



American Board of Surgery, 1991-Present
Vascular Surgery

American Board of Surgery, 1990-2010
General Surgery

American Registry in Vascular Interpretation, 2014-Present


Hospital Affiliations:

Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio 1997- Present

Mount Carmel Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio 1997-Present



Licensed in the State of Ohio, 1984-Present


Professional Memberships:

American College of Surgeons
Member since 2001

Bill Keynes

William W. Keynes

In Memoriam

The Board of Trustees of Kachelmacher Memorial, Inc. has been privileged to have Mr. Keynes as a trustee for more than forty-seven-plus years. Mr. Keynes never lost sight of why he was appointed trustee of Kachelmacher Memorial, Inc. Mr. Keynes was a strong character and always put the Kachelmacher Memorial, Inc. first in the many decisions he had to make. The services he rendered have not ended with his passing. He will never be forgotten at Kachelmacher Memorial, Inc. and in the community.


Our board of trustees manages the clinic.  

Judie Henniger, President

Mark Later, Vice President

Earl Later, Secretary

Charles Keynes, Treasurer

Scott King, Assistant Treasurer


Tina, Office Manager/Clinic Assistant

Carolyn, Clinic Assistant/Former Office  Manager

Alexis, Receptionist

Brittney, Clinic Assistant



The History of Nils Louis Christian Kachelmacher


“The Norwegian Count” 1860-1917


Born in Oslo, Norway in 1860 of wealthy parentage, Nils Kachelmacher arrived in America at the age of 21 and proved to be an astute businessman. His associates called him “The Norweigian Count.” Kachelmacher was responsible for industrial growth in the Hocking Valley, expansion of the town of Logan and is remembered for his generosity to his adopted community.

Appointed to infuse new life into the faltering Columbus and Hocking Coal & Iron Co. (C and HC & I Co.), Kachelmacher successfully pioneered oil fields and developed holdings in iron, natural gas, coal and brick, making the company a leading developer of mineral resources. The industrialist directed the building of the Greendale Brick plant that was to become the largest rug-face brick producer in the world.

Upon his retirement from C and HC & I Co. he permanently moved to Logan. Kachelmacher built his home on land he purchased as a wilderness south of the Hocking River. He developed the property into sites for 250 homes and a park. This allotment is known as South Logan.

He died on July 4, 1917. He bequeathed the land to be used solely as a public park and stipulated that it forever by named “Kachelmacher Park.” The 10-acre park has served as a hub of community activity for over 80 years.

His estate was left in trust, the assets to be used to establish an institution “devoted solely to research for the cure, prevention, and relief of varicose veins.” According to his wishes, the Kachelmacher Memorial Clinic offers free varicose vein assessment in Logan. Thousands of individuals have been aided by these services.

Nils Kachelmacher said, “It is my belief that each person should endeavor to make the world a little better because he lived and worked in it.” True to his belief, his legacy to Logan and the Hocking Valley continues to be one of long-lasting significance.

“It is my belief that each person should endeavor to make the world a little better because he lived and worked in it.” – Nils Kachelmacher